lundi 31 mai 2010

Sew-along planning

Hi friends, I'm glad that other seamstresses decided to join, you're welcome in this project!
So, here's what I'm thinking about the organisation of the Japanese top sew-along: first let's start by sewing this design, shall we. As the fabulous Zoe offered, if this first sew-along works we could make it a monthly challenge and sew the other designs available on the kokka site :)
Then we could plan the steps as follow:
- Sunday 06/06 & Monday 07 drawing the pattern, if necessary altering its measures but they seem big enough to fit up to a size 16; maybe some of you will want to make this top sleeveless, in this case we'll see how to do this alteration.
- Tuesday 08 & Wednesday 09 buying/choosing fabric
- Thursday 10 & Friday 11 tracing and cutting the top
- Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 sewing
Of course I'll try and be available if you have any question or problem while completing these different steps but I can assure you that Japanese sewing is incredibly easy and you'll get great results quickly^^. I hope you'll be okay with this planning, see you soon!
Edit: here are the participants so far: Phil, Zoe, Minnado, Hannelore, Ali and Alison

8 commentaires:

  1. I want to join in the Sew-A-Long too. (came here from MeMadeMay)

  2. OH you are having something interesting! I may join it from July after my craft show!

  3. Yay! So excited about this sew-along! The schedule sounds great. Personally, I have to go to UK for a wedding Friday to Monday. So either I'll try and sew it up before, or when I return.

    Fun fun fun!

    Oh, and do you think this will need any notions, aside from thread, like bias tape or something?

    Thanks so much for organisin this!


  4. Great, thanks Cecili I'm really looking forward to it (I'm going to be away for the sewing days but i'll catch up when i'm back)

  5. Your plan sounds good, I am looking forward to this - but may need some help!

  6. Thanks for agreeing to do this project with me ladies! Zoe you may need a little interfacing for the V band at the neckline, a button and bias tape only if you want to finish the hems with some :) Ophelia, no problem, I hope you have a wonderful craft show! Minnado don't worry and please post here any question or problem you have about this pattern.

  7. I am guessing that the numbers on the diagram are in centimeters? Just wanting to get an idea of how much fabric is needed, and what the general dimensions are, as I will probably need to do some alteration of the bodice...

  8. Hi Cecili! I'm a total beginner but I'd like to join the fun!
    From the diagram, I don't quite get how to cut the V band. It's not straight cut, is it?