dimanche 30 mai 2010

Sew-along details

Hey ladies, I'm sorry I couldn't post about the sew-along earlier but it was Mother's day here so we celebrated a lot^^. We were supposed to start today but then I had Zoe's message that other seamstresses would be interested in this project and would join later so I'm asking Phil and Minnado: do you mind delaying the start of the sew-along until next week?

4 commentaires:

  1. No problem at all, will give me a chance to visit the fabric shop.

  2. I'm a seamstress interested in joining! :) I took a look at the site and cuteness abounds! Oh my. It sounds from the comments that you've chosen a project, but I've missed it -- which one is it?

    I've only made items from store-bought or downloaded patterns, so I assume in this case I'll be tracing the pattern myself? Sorry if that sounds dense, this is new to me! But the patterns look fairly simple, I'll just need a bit of help understanding how to trace the pattern and instructions of course!

    Thanks for doing this, Cecili! I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Hi Cecili! Hope you had a great weekend and a lovely Mother's Day celebration. My hangover is gone, ready to do this thing! I know of at least one new sewer, Ali, who is up for this sew-along too, has she been in contact with you yet?


  4. hello No I am happy to delay the start as this is a school holiday week here so I am kind of busy visiting family. Next week is much better for me!