lundi 7 juin 2010

Sew-along 4

Hello! Today I've started tracing on the fabrics but I managed to sort of burn the white -of course!- back piece when ironing it :( it ended brown so I had to wash it and now I must wait for it to dry before continuing.
The "1"s you see everywhere on the pattern stand for the 1 cm seam allowances you're supposed to add. I use a clear ruler to do that directly on the fabric as you'll see in this pic:

The space between the red edge of the pattern and the blue line measures 1 cm, I just follow the pattern all along with this ruler and trace.
Also, I've discovered that the V-band is one continuous piece from back to front, you should join the 2 drafted parts at the shoulder before tracing on the fabric:

I've decided to lengthen the bodice and the sleeves a little by the way, +4 cm and +7cm.
I'm glad you're having fun tracing, I told you it's not difficult^^ I've planned to make mine in black & white, we'll see how it works! See you!

4 commentaires:

  1. Oooh, white and black? Nice! Ok, my pattern is all done, will cut it out tomorrow. Happy sewing Cecili! x

  2. hello Cecili, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed drafting this pattern, it uses a part of my brain that doesn't get used often enough and it has also reminded me of when I started sewing and my mum taught me pattern drafting! I have cut mine out and I hope to have camera up and running by end of the week to share pictures. x

  3. Cool :) drafting this sort of pattern is like a drill for my little head too, I try to do it regularly!

  4. hmmm i've drafted, not too sure that it's right but we'll see. quick novice question - i know the v-band is meant to be continuous so do you do that as a completely separate piece, and how does that affect the neckline of the front and back pieces?
    Okay I'm off on my holiday now, au revoir, and i look forward to seeing how the tops have all come out when i get back