vendredi 11 juin 2010

Sewing update and sew-along 5

Hello friends! I haven't posted much lately but I've been sewing a lot and I've got a few things to show you :) First a skirt for my mama, it's a pattern from a recent BWOF:

She chose the fabric which is some blue Japanese double-gauze printed with flowers, swirls and even Mount Fuji! It was quick and gives a rather cool effect I think.

Next are two gifts for my best friend's birthday, a pink eyelet babydoll top and a yellow eyelet camisole (both were made using Japanese patterns of course).

Finally I made a top for me out of a small piece of beautiful flower fabric I found at the back of my usual shop, it's the same as the pink one for my friend minus the ruffle.

Regarding the Nani Iro top, I've started assembling pieces, I started with the shoulder seams so that I could attach the V-band: I've decided to sew one side of the V after the other ie first the outside and facing left side of the band and once this was done I attached the outside and facing right side of the band. Doesn't make much sense I'm afraid so I've prepared pictures to make it clearer.

Phil you asked about the reason why it's better to have the V-band made in one continuous strip of fabric, I think it's purely for esthetical reasons because a shoulder seam would be quite bulky with the interfaced band and the facing inside. Moreover when you're finished attaching it to the bodice you'll see that the V slightly goes up at the neck and a seam here would definitely show, it's more harmonious in one piece :) Hope I answered your question, see you all and be safe!

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  1. i liked skirt and top. And very beautiful fabrics.

  2. What a great range of fabrics! It must be warm over there if you're showing your shoulders! It's FREEZING here in Sydney this week! xoxo

  3. Hi Cecili,

    You have been working a lot!! I love those tops! The fabrics you choose always give me awww and ohhh!! I love your style a lot!

  4. These are all stunning! I'm particularly in love with the eyelet blouse because I've been wanting one just like that :) Which pattern is it?

    I'm psyched I'm getting introduced to Japanese patterns through you. Unfortunately, I'm a bit behind on the cutting because I need a bit of guidance. Can you help? [I apologize, this will be a very long comment]

    So this is what I'm assuming:
    Front, cut 1 on fold
    Back, cut 1 on fold
    Sleeve, cut 2
    V-neck (cut two or four? I assume four because you mention facing)

    Also on front and back, do I cut along the curvy outline for the v-neck (toward the neck) or the straight diagonal line used in tracing? And the 1 cm seam allowance for the v-band is toward the shoulder, is that where I stitch the v-band to the shirt (as in right sides together) or do I simply topstitch the band onto the shirt?

    In sewing on the v-band, do you mean you do one strip at a time?

    I'm trying to follow the numbered steps, but what does 1 say? And is the following right?
    2. Stitch shoulder seams
    3. V-band (stitch long sides together, fold, topstitch?)
    4. Sew sleeves
    5. Side seams
    6, 7 & 8 seem obvious.

    Apologies, this is all new to me! And many, many thanks!

  5. Gorgeous, all of it. Your friend and mama are very lucky to receive gifts like these. And your top is so lovely too!

  6. Thank you ladies! Ali I'm making a 6th sew-along post to answer you :)

  7. That skirt material is amazing! My sister used to live in Japan so I had a regular supply of that pe of materail which I seem to have frittered away... Love the tops too, especially the cream one x


  8. Wow!! You have been very busy indeed! Your friend and your mum are very lucky!