mercredi 2 juin 2010

Sew-along 1

Hello! Just a quick post about the notions needed for the top:

FABRIC: 41" x 2.7 YARDS
Depending on the fabric you use you may need some interfacing for the V band at the neckline.
I like to finish hems with bias tape so you may want to buy/prepare some if you want to do this too.
All the measures are given in centimeters.
Hope it helps, see you!
EDIT: I got asked about the grain for the V-band and you just have to follow the arrow so for this part it's the shoulder line that is on the straight grain :)

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  1. Hi Cecili, hope you are well. Thanks for this clarification. I'm going to be using some crazy fabric from my stash. If I don't have quite enough, I'll make the sleeves shorter I think. It's going to be so interesting seeing the different results from the same pattern. Great challenge! xxx