mardi 8 mars 2011

Me-Made-March Day eight

Hi! Today I wore my Qipao dress, I made it in 2009 using the Japanese sewing book "Elegant China". I was a bit afraid to try it on because I've packed a few pounds since I made it -the joys of downing a beer or two on your porch after a long day's work- but fortunately I was able to close the back zipper^^. And proceed at your own risk because I took the pics right after getting up and I look HAGGARD!

See you tomorrow!

6 commentaires:

  1. What a gorgeous dress! Very flattering and a lovely fabric.

  2. Just Lovely and it looks so beautiful on you.


  3. This dress is just beautiful on you even if it feels fitted. And BTW no, you so don't look haggard !

  4. You are very funny! I am sure that the pounds you won not the fault of the beer, the solution is that your heart is getting bigger and bigger every day.

  5. Thanks Gabrielle and Rosy, you're so kind!