dimanche 27 mars 2011

Me-Made-March Day twenty-six

Hiya, how are you? I hope your weekend's been better than mine because it's been rough here :( Anyway I have a garment to show you:

I spare you my Saturday morning ghost face

It's a classic blouse with tie, I found the pattern in the French magazine Fait Main and used crazy 70's-ish flower lawn. I love this fabric, I don't even know why since I usually don't like these shades of yellow and red -especially mixed together- but this one really caught my fancy^^. I have another 1.5 yard that I'd like to turn into one of my Burda tulip skirts, or maybe a simple A-line cut in the bias. See you on Monday with another MMM day (I can't believe there are only 4 left!)

3 commentaires:

  1. Gorgeous! You've showcased such beautiful garments this entire month =).

  2. I love this blouse the style and fabric are gorgeous!