mercredi 23 mars 2011

Me-Made-March Day twenty-three

Phew I have finally ventured out of my den! It's been so hot lately I avoided going out in the day but I did have a little work this afternoon so I took the opportunity to wear my latest skirt (can you tell I'm obsessed?!):

Aww, I love it to bits! The pattern is a tulip skirt from the August 2010 French issue of BWOF, I had to alter it very little: the size is a compromise between 36 and 38, I made the back in two pieces so that I could put the zipper there -I cannot properly sew a curved zipper- I narrowed the gathered skirt by about 2" and shortened it by 3/4". I used repro feedsack fabric bought there, red poplin for the pockets and black cotton for the facing.

Cute pockets peeking

You can tell I love a garment when I put that many pictures of it^^

See you soon friends!

4 commentaires:

  1. I love your skirt! So modern & pretty!

  2. Hey Cecili!! I have been missing so much outfit of your Me-Made-March. Gotta check them out! Now I'm in California and it's warmer, so your outfit is a huge inspiration of my sewing!!

  3. It's quite understandable to love this skirt so much - it's a great print and the shape is just so pretty on you. I am having no luck in getting skirts to fit me so I also admire your ability to get the fit right!

  4. Oh thanks for your lovely comments girls :)
    Ophelia I'm glad that you're safe and sound, California must be a huge change from the order and quietness of Japan!!