mercredi 9 mars 2011

Me-Made-March Day nine

Hello friends! The outfit I wore today has been my favourite so far :) It's a green twill Burda skirt I made in 2008 worn with my beloved colourful t-shirt and accessorised with a striped bag I sewed for last year's Me-Made-May.

And even though she's not following MMM I wanted to show you my mum's outfit because it was just so cute! I made the skirt and the shirt is like 20 years old and she bought the mushroom brooch in Singapore.

See you!

4 commentaires:

  1. I can't believe you made that bag! It is so cute! Just in time for spring.

  2. You and your mum are both such stylish and wonderful colourful ladies!!!! Love both your skirts xxx

  3. Lovely outfit!! Green & yellow is so cute together. The outfit reminds me Okinawa for some reason.. I really wanna go there!!
    Your mom's top and skirt is so charming. The brooch is a perfect finish!!

  4. Hey girls thank you for your lovely comments! Stefanie the bag is basically a huge rectangle folded in two with a gathered rectangle for the bow :)