mercredi 16 mars 2011

Me-Made-March Day sixteen

Hello! Today started with unexpected rain and gusts of wind but being quite the stubborn I went on with the outfit I had decided on. It didn't end too bad even though the skirt is definitely not the most practical in this type of weather as you will see from this picture:

Indeed it's a wrapover or portefeuille skirt but the 2 front panels are actually very narrow and the skirt opens all the way up to your panties when you walk if you don't put a few stitches at some critical places :( Don't worry I did of course and my modesty as well as my poor students' eyes were safe^^! It's a design from an old BWOF, I had wanted to sew it for so long but the result is really meh: first that narrow front panels thing, then the length that I didn't get right and finally the waist piece that was too high and that I had to alter. I love this electric blue twill so much I wish I hadn't used it for that project! My favourite features on this skirt are the side pockets and the front pleats and since you can find the same details on my favourite skirt I guess I'll stick to this design from now on. That's it for today, see you friends!

2 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful skirt! Love the color electric blue and I hope that it enters into the trends of the new season. Good job.

  2. Funny post! Aren't wrap skirts such a hassle? I love the color of it, though.