lundi 7 mars 2011

Me-Made-March Day seven

Hello friends, hope you enjoyed your weekend! I didn't post yesterday because I stayed at home and even though my shorts were homemade they are completely raggedy^^. I've found something more appropriate to show you today:

Why, how original, another striped back-buttoned blouse! The fabric is shirting material and it's fairly new since I bought it 2 weeks ago -after 2 months of not going to the fabric shop you can say that I was pretty much in a transe and bought a lot of stuff. I used buttons from my stash but couldn't get a decent picture of the back, well I'll try again later. The skirt is handmade too, I made it out of a cheap, polysomething remnant using a Burda basic pattern.
See you tomorrow!

3 commentaires:

  1. Pretty combination, in both style and color! I love this!
    Thank you for your kindness giving me the award, Cecili;) I just made a post! xoxo

  2. Aren't back-button blouses the best? Yours is very cute. Have you ever worn it with a belt?

  3. Lisette yes they are :) And I haven't tried the belt because of my difficult "waist" situation! Ophelia I'm off to read it immediately!