vendredi 11 mars 2011

Me-Made-March Day eleven

Hello, how are you? Today I wore this:

Yes, I'm not joking it's the red version of the Burda skirt^^ No more for the weekend, I promise I'll wear something else! I also wanted to show you a bag I made for my mama out of Marimekko fabric:

She chose the design from the Summer issue of a Japanese magazine called "Sewing", I used muslin as interlining and black poplin for the lining and sewed rows of black sequins as a finishing touch. I used the remaining fabric to make another Buttercup bag for me:

See you tomorrow!

6 commentaires:

  1. Love you style and fabric choices.

  2. Gorgeous bag! And I love that skirt - I must make one!

  3. I love the Marimekko bag!

    The skirt is a great style, how many have you made ?

  4. Thank you! Sarah I have made 4 of these skirts! Actually I tried a different pattern today and it didn't work that well :(

  5. Oh, you have a charming style, really great! Love your red skirt, a little color of joy to spend this little storm that we are spoiling the start of spring.