lundi 26 juillet 2010

Little birdies blouse

Hi everyone! I LOVE the V design from the Stylish Dress Book and I've already made a few versions of it so this is my latest take on it. The fabric is the most adorable and softest white pique covered in tiny golden birds -I'm glad I still have a big remnant from it, enough for another project^^. I've shortened the length and the sleeves, the jet black buttons are sewn, no buttonholes needed :) and I finished the sleeves and the hem with lace. See you soon!

mercredi 21 juillet 2010

Japanese top E

Hello there! Today I'd like to show you my version of the E top from the first Stylish Dress Book. I've had this book for more than two years and yet I hadn't made this pattern for me (I sewed a dress length version for my mum a few months ago) even though it's the "star" of the book -the cover garment^^.
This pattern is really tight at the shoulders and bust so I made a size 11 instead of the usual 09 and lowered the bust darts by 1" and it's still a little bit small. Also, the pattern calls for a facing to finish the neckline but I simply used bias. I finally agreed to using the Heather Bailey mermaids fabric I had been hoarding since 2008 and I don't regret it! I like my top and have been wearing it a few times already :) See you!

mercredi 14 juillet 2010

Black and white leopard top

Hello! I wanted to show you a top I made in 2008 back when I was starting with Japanese sewing. It's a raglan-sleeved blouse with a front slit, an elastic encased around the neckline and some bias to attach at the front so you can imagine how I suffered to make it^^ Not to mention that there wasn't a pattern to transfer, I had to trace it using the given measurements -the same way we did with the Nani Iro top back in June. I had never worn this top because I found it a bit tight and I felt it looked very handmade until I re-discovered it last week and decided to give it a try. Well it's actually not that bad, I even find it lovely now and enjoyed wearing it to go out. That's it for today, happy 14 July to my fellow Frenchies, see you friends!

dimanche 11 juillet 2010

Vintage Simplicity top

Hi there! As you may have noticed I'm fond of retro blouses which I find easier to wear than dresses considering that I'm almost always in jeans :) This pattern is Simplicity 2311, a simple back-buttoned blouse with darts and tucks and three collar variations. I made view 3 in a traditional Japanese cotton printed with kittens, I know this fabric is mostly used for kids' yukata and accessories but I couldn't resist it^^. Moreover it's a dream to wear and the more I wash it the more pleasant it gets! I'm proud of the six regular buttonholes I handsewed at the back and I chose simple wood buttons to go with the fabric. Have a nice weekend, see you soon!

mercredi 7 juillet 2010

Vintage shirt

Hello friends, I hope everyone's doing fine! Today I'd like to show you a shirt I made from a vintage shirt dress pattern. When I received Simplicity 4050 I was thrilled to discover that it was one of these personal fit patterns with three different lengths to choose according to your measurements. I took the medium pieces and the fit is indeed great, I didn't have to alter it as I usually do. As I used a very light fabric, some white cotton with thin, bright embroidered stripes I knew it wouldn't work for a fully skirted dress so I made a top instead^^. The peplum is a simple gathered band of fabric, I didn't put the sleeves because I felt the shirt would look more summery without them and I added a sewn-on self-made belt to tie on the side. Now, I like my shirt but there's a little problem: as you can see the buttons are not centered. That's because I wanted to make a double row of buttons and I was SURE I had enough to make it work. Well guess what, I'm ONE button short :( And I bought them in Japan so if by any chance there are some more in the little Tokyo shop where I found them I'll be able to fix this mistake when I go there again. See you!

lundi 5 juillet 2010

My Holiday Wardrobe

Hello! Today I would like to show you what I've prepared for my holidays.
All these tops and the shorts are handmade garments, indeed I've tried to limit the number of retail clothes I'm bringing with me this year. This is thanks to Zoe and her MMM Challenge, I wanted to do something craft-related for the summer too.

Happy holidays to all of you, see you!