dimanche 26 décembre 2010

Another BWOF experimentation

Hello there and belated merry Christmas! I'm going to start this post with some totally inappropriate whinning about the fact that last year I spent Christmas in Singapore -which has to be my favouritest place ever right after Japan- while this year NOT! I miss travelling :(
Okay, now for today's garment, I've tried a wrapover top from the November issue of BWOF. I'm sewing compulsively these days so I think I'm probably going to end up making any Burda projects that catch my attention^^. For this top I used some cotton slightly blended with polyester, I love this sage green colour -the French name is "tilleul" which sounds quite poetic- alas this fabric is difficult to iron as you'll see from the pictures. I made my usual 12 size and changed a few details: I didn't add the ties at the hips but decided to close the top with a hidden button and a snap and I simply finished the sleeves with some bias instead of the required cuffs. I also made a mistake when I cut the front pieces so I had to add an extra seam but it looks okay! I felt like wearing the top for my New Year's Eve party but it's definitely too hot for these long sleeves so I'll keep it for the cooler months.

Of course I had to make a matching bow hair-tie!

See you soon with more tops!

mardi 21 décembre 2010

Quick Japanese top

Hey there! I know I said I wouldn't have time to sew for myself but I actually made this tunic a few days ago and couldn't finish it because I ran out of thread just when I only had the hem left to sew! I got to buying said thread today and here's the result:

The tunic is super easy to make since the front and back top and sleeves are cut in a single piece, there's no shoulder seam! You simply gather 2 rectangles of fabric and attach them to this piece and there you have your top :) I got very inspired by 2 great garments made by Ophelia for the simple design of this tunic and used mustard cotton veil, the colour is slightly darker in reality. I'm also wearing a brooch that I made last year, a little bird made of purple felt^^.

See you!

dimanche 19 décembre 2010

BWOF blouse

Hello there, how are you? With Christmas coming it's hard to find time to sew a little something for yourself but 2 evenings were enough to make this BWOF blouse from January 2008:

As you can see it has a number of features such as a front tab, pleats, 3-part sleeves, cuffs... but it was only given an easy to medium note in the magazine! I read the instructions but as often is the case with Burda it didn't make sense so I organised my own steps: first the pleats and the tab, then the sleeves, the shoulder and side seams and finally the collar and cuffs. The result is nice but a bit huge and the neckline is a little too deep fir my taste. I've made it with shirting cotton which makes it very pleasant to wear given the current weather!

That's it for today, see you soon!

mercredi 8 décembre 2010

Christmas dress and an update

Hello friends! How are you? I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since 8th November! I have been super busy with my work and, good news, I've had my first orders as a seamstress, I'm so glad! I've made tops for a woman and dresses for her little girl and they've been pleased so far so I'm crossing fingers for it to continue, sewing doesn't even feel like working :) Actually I'm planning a little giveaway to celebrate this, I'll post the details in a few days. Also, I've managed to cram crafting and sewing moments for Christmas gifts, I'll post about that on CCC later. For now I'd like to show you the dress I made for the Christmas party, it's Simplicity 7541, a pattern from 1968:

I made view 3 in teal blue cotton, I lengthened the bodice and redrafted the back -I've learned my lessons from the infamous Butterick dress- and after that it was so easy to make! I loooove the collar, I bought the pattern just for this detail :)

As for Santa, he paid an early visit since I've received my order from Bead Supplies, which allowed me to make these 2 lovely pairs of earrings, I had been dreaming of these little daisies ever since I had seen them^^:

I've also made myself a chouchou and bow hairband with a small piece of fabric my mum chose for me, it's quilting cotton printed with carnations:

That's it for today, I'll try and post on CCC and more here and fortunately not updating my blog didn't stop me from enjoying your beautiful creations, I LOVE looking at you fellow sewists/crafters' blogs so don't be like me and keep posting!