jeudi 6 décembre 2012

Burda peplum top at last!

Always the trendsetter I'm finally making THAT peplum top you've seen everywhere for the last 4 months or so! Except that I couldn't be bothered to trace all the pieces -don't ask me why- and therefore used sleeves from another project and drafted a half circle skirt for the peplum.

I must say this design is really lovely, for once I have absolutely nothing to reproach it with. I chose simple black cotton, there's a handpicked zipper at the back and I put some daisy embellishment around the neckline, sleeves' hem and peplum hem:

Since the daisies were plain white I had to stitch a yellow bead in the centre of each flower to make them pop and give them that sweet 60's vibe :) I'd love to make another top with this design, maybe something striped but I'm worried about the peplum part, would the stripes look okay on a half circle? Also I wanted to make the dress version out of some flowery crepe chirimen but the yardage was too narrow, I would have needed a wider fabric to accomodate a 55cm long half circle skirt :( yes, my life is hard like that!
I also wanted to show you a dress I made for my bff last week, I only had 2 working days to draft it, adjust it, trace it and sew it AND it's lined AND it has facings (I hate theeeeeem) so pheeew, I was happy to see the result^^:

Sorry to some lovely readers who commented on my previous project, the romantic Japanese dress, I mistakenly erased your comments but they were much appreciated, thanks!