samedi 6 janvier 2018

Japanese kitties top

Well well what do we have here? A kimono sleeved tie top in a crazy cute animal print? How unexpected :)

Here's the latest version of top number 6 from my beloved 2017 sewing book, this time I didn't put breast pockets but I finished the sleeves with folded bands. I used white thread for the topstitching at the front and neon yellow bias tape for the neckline.
Now can we please talk about that print?? It's my absolute favorite out of all the fabrics I've bought in my life, the colours are so vibrant, there are beautiful golden flowers and those kitties!

Either the designer who created this can read my mind or they can see inside my house because look:

I've already talked about Dora, my black treasure of a cat but I haven't introduced my tortoise kitty/resident clown Miwa yet! We've had her since October 2016, they couldn't be any more different because she's super easy going, funny and always in a good mood whereas Do rules us all with an iron/velvet paw but I guess that's why they get on well :)