vendredi 5 juin 2015

MMM15 days 12-31

Of course I'm late but here are the other outfits from this year's MMM! Also since we had many bank holidays this year some outfits I could wear twice because I didn't work much  and sometimes I just stayed at home so nothing to show on these occasions :)

On the 12th I wore a rayon self drafted top with Petit Main Sauvage culottes:

On the 13th for my birthday I wore a top from an altered Japanese pattern and a skirt from a vintage pattern, both in cotton:

On the 14th and 15th it's a knit crop top from a Female pattern and self drafted box pleat skirt cut from a Burda dress:

On the 16th and 17th I wore my TNT babydoll dress in striped cotton:

On the 18th I wore a Liberty top from a Burda pattern with PMS culottes:

On the 19th I wore a knit top copied from an RTW tee with a cotton skirt from a vintage pattern:

On the 20th I went with a plaid Anna dress with pleated skirt and my refashioned denim jacket:

On the 21st and 22nd such a comfortable outfit with a cotton jacket from an altered Pochee pattern, a Burda knit top and cropped trousers from a Japanese pattern:

On the 23rd I wore a self drafted top in gauze with PANDAS on it and a Burda skirt:

On the 26th I wore a plaid shirt from a Female pattern and a Burda skirt:

On the 27th I wore a self drafted dress and my refashioned jacket:

On the 29th here's another version of the Female shirt, this time in blue piqué with a skirt from a vintage pattern:

Finally on the 30th I wore a crepe top from a Japanese pattern with a skirt from the same vintage pattern as before, phew:

To sum-up I was able to wear at least two me-made items everyday, even though I didn't provide pics each time my bags were all me-made too and this year I'm clearly into top and skirt combos! I love sewing and wearing things I've made, and I'm especially happy that I don't have to buy standard garments that are made with cheap, synthetic fabric and that are often too short.
Again a thousand thanks to the great Zoe for creating Me Made May and allowing us to show our creativity and hard work :)