dimanche 24 février 2013

Love and hate trousers!

So I admit they're shabby with their cheap stretchy fabric, grossly hand-tacked front pleats and ghetto loops (bias tape quickly handsewed randomly around the waist) but I've already worn them a dozen times because they're just so comfy and well they're my first handmade TROUSERS!


 On a positive note I lined the pockets and hemmed the legs with nice striped fabric.

I used a pattern from this Japanese book but I atrociously tampered with it, "redrafting" -I'm using the term really loosely here- the pieces as I tried the damn thing on. I had to take them in a lot, straighten and shorten the legs and I didn't put the side zipper and opted for an elasticated waist seeing how I could never get something more fitted with my fabric. And then I had to add the loops because the trousers would slide down without a belt :(
But the battle for trousers isn't finished, I've unearthed a super old Pochée magazine with some cool cropped trousers that I shall try next and then there will be some Burda mag skinny trousers that I NEED to make with some cool Hello Kitty fabric:

Both fabrics found at beautifulwork

jeudi 7 février 2013

Mini dress

I'm absolutely killing it with my post titles these days^^
So about today's garment, I started making it around Christmas time because I wanted a dress to go to a New Year's Eve party but then I realised that I'd be eating, drinking and probably behaving like an idiot and went with a teeshirt and jeans instead -and believe me that was one wise decision! All this to say that I put my dress on stand-by and it took me 2 weeks to (almost) complete it, which is a shame given how easy it was to make: I used my basic, sleeveless bodice and attached a half-circle skirt to it, I finished the edges with bias tape and put an invisible zipper at the back.

The reason I made the skirt super short is because I wanted to add rows of big ricrac to lengthen it to the knee but I got distracted by a ton of stuff and have only put one row so far :(

I want to add some bigger white or yellow ricrac to this one and finish with another row of the red one, I'm sure it would be cool! Or a friend also suggested sewing some to figure a mock collar around the neckline, that may work well too.

mardi 5 février 2013

My lolita Macaron

As much as I LOVE lolita fashion I'm definitely not a costume-y person so I'd rather incorporate details from this trend into my everyday garments than step outside in a crinoline dress and pink teddy bear fur coat -even though that sounds plain awesome :)
I already did the anime Victorian black and white stripes thing with this dress and now I've tried my hand at typical lolita fabric with some sweeeeeet cotton from Sevenberry and Colette patterns' Macaron:

My photoshoot settings are getting more and more glamourous I swear!

Tiny dots and flowers on a white background that must be my favouritest print ever and then you have this starry peach night, romantic windows, STRIPES! and more flowers, seriously what's not to love?
Regarding the black hairy wide-eyed creature trying to eat my finger that I'm holding in the first pic, her name's Dora and I got her 3 weeks ago because my beloved, adored, wonderful, best-cat-in-the-world Luna passed away on 23 December and I'd been inconsolable ever since -actually I'm still losing my hair from the shock!

These two couldn't be more different however and Dora is such a bundle of energy that I may switch to losing my hair from the exhaustion^^