samedi 17 février 2018

Two makes

I've recently completed two projects I had planned for an upcoming trip, the first one is a sweater because I'm always cold in airports and planes and the other one is a tote bag because I like to have something new on holidays :)
The sweater is from an old Female magazine pattern, I was hesitating between a big V neckline and a cowl one and I ended adding a big loose collar from another pattern :

I also added the bands at the wrists and bottom hem from this pattern and I wonder why I didn't just use the whole pattern instead of adding changes to the other one! I used a leopard print knit I bought in Tokyo a few years ago, it's very soft and quite warm and even though it stretches I had to gather the wrists and bottom hem before attaching the bands because there was too much difference in the lenghts. This has resulted in a blousy design that I really like:

For the bag I copied a basic plastic Daiso bag that I've dragged everywhere, it's made of two 21cm squares with a 12cm wide band running along three sides:

The fabric is a remnant of brown linen, I embroidered a cat face with green eyes, a pink nose and black whiskers and brows. The handles are brown webbing and the inside is lined with Japanese cotton printed with extra cute kitties, mice and cherries:

I LOVE this bag, it makes me smile every time I see it and it's big enough to carry my stuff without being overwhelming IMO.