mardi 31 août 2010

The girly week: day 2

Hello! Today's outfit is the new version of the 1941 McCall dress I made last week: this time I cut the front piece on the fold and put a slit at the back. The fabric is some rayon I bought a few months ago. I may add small shoulder pads later because the sleeves seem to drop a little, anyway I'll wear it today and see if it's really worth it after! Have a nice day, see you!

lundi 30 août 2010

The girly week: day 1

Hello friends, how's everyone? Over the weekend I was discussing with my boyfriend and he was complaining that even though I've sewn lots of dresses and skirts I'm always in jeans. We took a bet that I would try and wear only said dresses/skirts for a week-if I fail I can't eat ice cream anymore :( So bear with me through this trying week in which you'll see the come back of many an already posted garment and let's start immediately with the Dior knock-off skirt worn here with a simple white tee and my beloved leopard platform shoes:

I also wanted to show you a skirt I made for my mama, I found the pattern in this book. As I used heavy linen I was worried the gathers would look bulky but it turned out ok and now I want one :)

This lining is too cute!

See you tomorrow with a new girly outfit!

samedi 28 août 2010

Port Elizabeth top

Hello! As I was left with a remnant of navy cotton from the magic McCall dress I decided to use it to try the increasingly popular Port Elizabeth top designed by the talented Sarah and that you can download for free at Burdastyle. I made a size 12 and only changed a few details: I took in about 1" down each side to make it a little less flared, I lengthened the bodice (+ 3") and finished the neckline with folded bias so as not to have too wide an opening -the next one I make I'm going to raise the neckline by 3/4". I have quite a lot of loud printed fabrics and was trying to find a simple top to showcase them, I think I've found a winner! What's more you don't need much fabric and there are so many variations you can make! I love Camelia and Crinoline's back buttoned version, but you can also add a front placket, a peter pan collar, make the sleeves longer or gather the neckline... I think you'll see a lot of these tops in the upcoming weeks :) Have a nice weekend, see you!

vendredi 27 août 2010

A gift from the sewing Gods!

The title says it all: I've had this wonderful McCall pattern since May (bought it at Vintage Martini, great choice and impeccable service with delivery worldwide), I was very impressed by it and wondered if I'd ever be able to make it. Indeed, it looked soooo gorgeous on the illustration, it had geometrical seams on the bodice, darts/pleats on the sleeves and even the simple gathered skirt looked glamourous. See:

So, 2 days ago I was gazing at it once more when I decided to just give it a try, I copied the pattern, went for some paper fitting and the proportions seemed to work, I just lowered the neckline a little because it looked extremely high -I've been chocking in a few vintage blouses so I came prepared this time^^. I cut the dress in some good quality navy cotton, had no problem assembling the square seams (CLIP' em), sewed the sleeves' darts in 3 minutes, set them in effortlessly -the armhole and caps matched perfectly- handmade the buttonholes and facings' finish, sewed the gathered skirt with the bodice and finally handsewed a regular zipper and... that was it. I put it on, the fit was GREAT, I was so shocked! I swear I heard that Alleluiah song when I saw the finished dress^^. I was so eager to show it to you I took pictures myself, hence the horrible lighting and strange centring.

I'm already thinking about the next version -flower rayon and long sleeves- and the after next one^^ -beige and black, to enhance the seams. See you!

vendredi 20 août 2010

Today's top

Hey there! I've sewn yet another top, this time the pattern comes from this book, the B2 blouse. There should be an elastic encased at the hips but I haven't decided if I want it or not so for the moment I'm just leaving it loose. The fabric is coral pink cotton veil and I've added golden rikrak along the neckline and sleeves -. It was super easy to make and I know I'm going to wear it as much as the other colourful tops I've made from Japanese books, ie all the time :)

Have a nice weekend, see you!

mardi 17 août 2010

Cherry top

Hello friends, how are you? It's been a loooooong time since I last posted something but I was on holiday and couldn't bring my sewing machine with me -tragedy! You can imagine that I started sewing again the minute I went back and so I present you a tunic from the Summer 2010 Female magazine:

I used some cherry (or is it apple?) cotton veil I had been hoarding since 2008, it's definitely one of my favourite fabrics ever and I couldn't bring myself to cutting it :) I love the result, I think it's a cute top and I really enjoyed making it, the construction steps were simple and clear and the pieces did fit together effortlessly. I'm wearing it with a belt because it has a lot of room^^, should I ever be pregnant with octuplets I have a top ready!

Since the tie parts are not lined I handstitched the hem all along them.

I also wanted to thank you for your awesome comments on the July posts, since I was abroad I couldn't publish them at once but I was really happy to find them when I came back! Oh, and I have a new addiction -well I had to find a way to replace the sewing mania:

See you soon!