lundi 31 mai 2010

Sew-along planning

Hi friends, I'm glad that other seamstresses decided to join, you're welcome in this project!
So, here's what I'm thinking about the organisation of the Japanese top sew-along: first let's start by sewing this design, shall we. As the fabulous Zoe offered, if this first sew-along works we could make it a monthly challenge and sew the other designs available on the kokka site :)
Then we could plan the steps as follow:
- Sunday 06/06 & Monday 07 drawing the pattern, if necessary altering its measures but they seem big enough to fit up to a size 16; maybe some of you will want to make this top sleeveless, in this case we'll see how to do this alteration.
- Tuesday 08 & Wednesday 09 buying/choosing fabric
- Thursday 10 & Friday 11 tracing and cutting the top
- Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 sewing
Of course I'll try and be available if you have any question or problem while completing these different steps but I can assure you that Japanese sewing is incredibly easy and you'll get great results quickly^^. I hope you'll be okay with this planning, see you soon!
Edit: here are the participants so far: Phil, Zoe, Minnado, Hannelore, Ali and Alison

dimanche 30 mai 2010

Sew-along details

Hey ladies, I'm sorry I couldn't post about the sew-along earlier but it was Mother's day here so we celebrated a lot^^. We were supposed to start today but then I had Zoe's message that other seamstresses would be interested in this project and would join later so I'm asking Phil and Minnado: do you mind delaying the start of the sew-along until next week?

lundi 24 mai 2010

BWOF top 102

Hello! Today is a holy day which means I'm not working and I was able to finish this top I started a few days ago -actually I'm sewing more slowly than usual these days, must be winter coming^^! The design is 102 from the April issue of BWOF:

It was fairly simple to make, but as I was working with cotton veil I had to be careful, any flaw would show, so I basted and pressed at almost every step, I didn't use interfacing and I made linings for the sleeves so that the seams wouldn't show when I wear them rolled up. I also shortened the sleeves a little -by 1"- because my fabric wasn't as wide as advised.
I'm quite pleased with the result, it's simple yet smart and I have the satisfaction of having a clean-finished garment. However, the colour turned out much more err, orange than coral and I'm wondering if it's not too bold with such a volume :(
Last but not least, if you want to make this top be careful with the size you choose: I picked my usual Burda size (which I generally have to adjust because it turns out too big) but this time it's a bit tight at the hips! See you!

Edit: The very かわいい Crochetie^^ tagged me so I'm proudly presenting you the 8th picture in my 8th folder: meet my little brother!

dimanche 23 mai 2010

Sew along: Japanese top

Hello, how's everyone today? I've been thinking about this for some time now, especially after receiving so many positive reactions regarding the Japanese tops I've posted on the MMM flickr account and so, today I'm asking you^^: would you be interested in a sew-along of a Japanese top? Here's a link to free patterns by a designer whom you may have heard about, Naomi Ito. Her brand is Nani Iro and she makes beautiful, vividly coloured fabrics. Just click on the pictures or on the blue tabs above on the kokka site and you'll find a choice of free patterns for women, kids and men's clothes and for accessories. If you want to do this sew-along leave me a comment and I'll organise it! See you :)

samedi 22 mai 2010

22/05 outfit

Hi everyone! I didn't leave the house today but I went to a party at night and wore this Japanese dress. The design is super simple so it needed good quality fabric and the one I picked is really nice, it's blended linen, flowy yet with some weight, the navy colour is great... it's one of my favourites! See you :)

vendredi 21 mai 2010

Vintage shirt Simplicity 4194

Hello! It's been a looong time since I've posted anything vintage related so behold Simplicity 4194, my latest creation!

This pattern is a winner, it was easy to make and the result -in my opinion^^- is lovely! I made view 3 without the pockets in a lightweight cotton bought at this awesome seller's shop. About alterations, I followed a fellow retro seamstress advice and took off some of the sleeves' ease because I didn't want huge, gathered caps and I added a fourth buttonhole at the waist line. I'm positive I'll make this shirt again, it has such an old-fashioned flair!

See you!

jeudi 20 mai 2010

20/05 outfit

Hi! Today I wore a top I made in 2008, it's one of the first garments I sewed when I started using Japanese books. It was simple to make of course^^, and I like to wear it! The fabric is light pink cotton veil and the blue scarf is a gift from my mum :) See you!

mardi 18 mai 2010

18/05 outfit

Hi! Today I wore my red & black checks shirt, I found the pattern in a Japanese magazine called "Female", the winter 2009 issue :) I love this shirt! It reminds me of lovely memories, first because I bought the magazine in Singapore during my last holidays -it was such a pleasant trip!- and second because it was a nice period in my life, what with my first training at the Belir highschool and all the fun with my friends... I wish I could turn back time! See you :)

lundi 17 mai 2010

17/05 outfit

Hello friends! I've been a very bad MMMist for I didn't wear anything handmade this weekend, except for my striped bag. However today I wore a tunic I made from a Japanese book, it's the autumn issue of the 1-day-sewing series. I made it with emerald cotton veil and you can see how I wore it with jeans to go to work this morning and with my denim shorts to go out with my friends this afternoon :) See you!

vendredi 14 mai 2010

14/05 outfit and New Look dress

Hello friends! I hope you're doing fine! Today was a nice day, I got to wear one of my favourite outfits with my chambray V blouse (from the Stylish Dress Book of course!) and black Muji leggings -they're sooooo soft :)

I also took pictures of the New Look dress I mentioned yesterday: it's design 6723 and I used an incredible cotton fabric which I found in a local shop. It often happens with this shop, you pay 7$ for plain, boring cotton and you find treasures for 2$ in their clearance bin! I repeat that if you make this dress be careful with how low the neckline goes before cutting it, I could adjust it a little by making the shoulder seams higher but still it's quite the plunging view, I have to pin the sides to my bra straps so that it won't show everything :( I lengthened the bodice with a set-in fabric belt and the hem is handsewn. I'm off to check the MMM gallery, haven't seen all the treasures there for a while and I need my fix^^ See you!

jeudi 13 mai 2010

13/05 outfit

Hi! I wore the New Look top today and my only regret is that it's definitely roomy. Part of this is due to the fact that I didn't want to add a zipper so I didn't cut a smaller size, but I notice there's a problem with the back and neckline with New Look patterns, they're too big! I made a dress from this company and I'm going to have to add some trim or a ruffle or something because my bra is showing when I wear it! I'll keep that in mind newt time I try one of their patterns :) See you!

mercredi 12 mai 2010

12/05 outfit

Hello! Today's MMM is not very glorious: indeed, the only thing I made in this outfit is this mini scarf out of a plaid remnant. I found the model for it in a Japanese crafts magazine called Poché, you just fold some fabric in two and hide the seam with lace :) I hope I have something better to show you tomorrow, see you!

I made trousers out of this fabric and guess what happened? They look like pajamas!

mardi 11 mai 2010

11/05 outfit and a New Look top

Hi everyone! I'm only working part-time at the moment so I can dress casually every two day. Hence today's simple outfit: I made the top 2 years ago using pattern "C" from the Stylish Dress Book, the fabric is purple cotton veil but I've worn it so often that the colour has faded a little :( I bought the shorts last year and have been wearing them a lot too!

I also wanted to show you the New Look 6808 top I made. The fabric is Robert Kaufman's Happy Days in Confetti and what can I say, it was a pleasure to sew! I narrowed the width of the collar a little, taking in about 1/2" and I didn't use fusible interfacing as I didn't want it to be too stiff. It's just lined with white polycotton -what would my life be like without polycotton^^?! I'll certainly wear it tomorrow so it can be added to the Me-made May wardrobe :) See you!

lundi 10 mai 2010

10/05 outfit

Hello friends! Today I wore a top I made 2 years ago, it's design H from the Stylish Dress Book. The fabric is a good quality, light blue polycotton and it's one of the garments I wear the most -I even forgot to take a picture of it to include it in my wardrobe inventory because I was probably wearing it :) See you!

samedi 8 mai 2010

08/05 outfit

Hello! Yesterday I made a quick top using the pattern to the yellow top I wore on 03/05. The fabric is a lovely printed cotton I bought at Tomato in Nippori 2 years ago. I call this fabric Enchanted Forest because there are tiny, adorable creatures scattered all over the trees and hills :) Have a nice weekend, see you!

vendredi 7 mai 2010

07/05 outfit

Hello! Today is not very busy work wise so I'm wearing my Japanese shorts with one of my most favourite tees ever :) Have a nice day, see you!

jeudi 6 mai 2010

06/05 outfit

Hey there! How's everyone today? I wanted to thank all the lovely readers who follow this blog and/or leave comments, thank you for taking the time to stop here!
Now, here's my outfit du jour, it's a grey striped top from an old Ottobre pattern. The leggings and scarf are Uniqloo though^^.

See you!

mercredi 5 mai 2010

05/05 outfit and a Japanese dress

Hello :) Today I wore the green Simplicity 40's dress with a belt and super pretty shoes -I love them! I wanted them sooo much but they were too expensive and all of a sudden one day they were half price because these shoes hadn't sold AT ALL^^

Because Mother's Day is coming I made a dress for my mum: I used the Stylish Dress Book, pattern Y. The fabrics are her choice and I think she had a great idea mixing prints, they work quite well together don't you think? And the reason the dress is so big is because obviously it's not my size! Later I'll take pictures of it when mama wears it. See you!

mardi 4 mai 2010

04/05 outfit

Hello! Today I wore my 70's maxi dress with a grey knit cardigan -purchased, I can't sew knit! :(

And a totally gratuitous shot of my nail polish:

See you!

lundi 3 mai 2010

03/05 outfit and fannypack

Hi there! Today I chose to wear a yellow polycotton top made using a Japanese pattern. And it paired nicely with the striped bow tote bag I sewed last week :)

Nice ironing crease on the sleeve^^

This weekend I finally made a fannypack for my mama, she had been bugging me about it for months! I drafted it and used a floral fabric by Moda with a vintage belt buckle. The detachable bag is lined with red polycotton, it closes with a zipper and a snap and there's a lovely decorative rose button on the front.

See you!