mardi 31 mai 2011

Me-Made-June Day one

At last it's started! Today's outfit is nothing spectacular yet I'm quite fond of it:

That skirt is "self drafted" ie it's a bunch of rectangles and trapezes but I think it works! It was a happy accident since my mum has a skirt she wore until destruction and after she asked me to knock it off for her the result was so cute that I "perfected" it -I just cut the back waist piece in two to put the zipper there instead of the side^^- to make some for me.

What's more depending on your fabric width you only need from 1 to 1.2 metres to make it. It's low waisted -I LOVE that- and has plenty of room for hips and bottom... You're definitely going to see more like this one :)

Gratuitous shot of my AWESOME shoes, I bought them on discount in 2009 for like 10$ and I remember the year because it was the last time I bought leather stuff.

I also took a pic of the slightly bigger Buttercup bag I made for Mother's Day:

She wanted a Liberty bag unfortunately the only shop that sells this fabric on our tiny island was out of stock so I took Kaffe Fassett instead. See you tomorrow!

samedi 21 mai 2011

I'm still here!

Hello there, sorry I've been a bad blogger and haven't taken a single photo of my creations lately! Let's say that I'm stocking on stuff to show for the upcoming Me-Made-June alright^^? Still, to make up for my laisser-aller I've prepared a tutorial to sew a simple tote bag that has become my favourite one -I often have bag fancies, 2 months ago I was very much into the Buttercup design for instance. I'm sure there are already many patterns and how-tos for this kind of bag on the internet but I really like the proportions on this one, it's small enough not to be a bother yet I can pack it with my things and believe me I do! It's also a nice one to use your scraps and if you don't sew a closure on it it's completely reversible :) Let's have a look at the latest one I made:

I used cotton from my striped shirt and floral fabric from a Japanese top I haven't posted about yet. The inside is another remnant of simple white polyester fabric. I put a striped pocket inside, the bag closes with a snap and the bow is a brooch. Here's the tutorial:

Click on it for full size

See you soon, have a nice weekend!

lundi 2 mai 2011

The self drafted dress of semi quibbling

I'm on a roll! A tiny 2-day roll but still^^! I took pictures today but I made the dress I'm about to show you last February, I wanted to wear it for Me-Made-March and didn't in the end because I wasn't satisfied with it. I'm still not but it has grown on me despite its obvious and numerous flaws! First, the thing:

The pros: the fabric is adorable baby gingham -I have a thing for pastel colours with tiny patterns; it's self-drafted so I was able to really work on a shape and details that I like: ruched upper bodice, high and square back neckline, soft pleats for the skirt; it's fully lined with 100% cotton veil which means I can wear it even in summer and finally from the front it makes me look like I have big boobs on an otherwise small body which is perfectly ok with me :)


The cons: it's hard to believe these pics were taken AFTER ironing, could these fabrics wrinkle any more? The band under the bust needs shaping because from the side it pulls away from the body, I'm thinking a vertical dart in the middle could solve this; it's too tight in the bust and back areas -I should have left a little ease I guess- and therefore the zipper shows, I HATE that!

I'm not amused by that zipper of doom!

All in all it's less catastrophic than I first thought, I didn't want to wear it because of the aforementioned problems but especially because I thought it looked silly on me but I realise it's an ok dress so I'll give it a chance and more ironing obviously.
Also, I'm so excited that Zoe has organised the Me-Made-June challenge, I can't wait for it to start! See you soon people!

Burda top take 2

Hello there, sorry I haven't posted for a loooong time but I was too lazy to take correct pics not to mention write a post^^. So, here's a second version of that Burda top, this time I used white rayon with a nice ume flower print in blue and red:

On another note I got an award from Camelias and Crinolines! I had to answer these 5 questions:

1) What size shoe do you wear? If you wear a size 7, can I borrow your shoes? - I'm a French 38 which is like a US 7.5.

2) 30's or 60's? - Definitely the 60's, I especially love wedding dresses from this era, they were AMAZING:

3) Have you ever kissed someone you shouldn't have? - Naturally!

4) Have you ever been poisoned? Was it by the girlfriend of the person you kissed?? - No poison, only a few allergies here and there.

5) Who's on your "Celebrity Free Pass" list (top 5)? - Number one forever is SADE Adu!!!

Then Tina Turner

Mary J Blige

Marylin of course!

Heather Nova

Ok, the 5 bloggers I'm passing this award to are:



Sarah Elaine



See you soon!