jeudi 10 décembre 2015

Fuji san summer dress

I love novelty prints and Japan so when I came across this cute, colorful print of mount Fuji complete with its tiny Hokusai wave and pine trees I went nuts!

I found it in a shop at People's Park Complex in Singapore and as if the fabric wasn't adorable enough, one of the sales assistants was wearing a beautiful 3/4 sleeved top made with it: it looked amazing and I could immediately picture the same top lengthened in a babydoll dress for meeee^^
Unfortunately it's so hot where I live that in the end I had to settle for short sleeves but I'm still very happy with my dress:

As usual I finished the neckline and sleeves with bias tape, the hem is simply folded and machine-stitched and I added pockets, but since they're boring white cotton I didn't take a photo of them!