mercredi 25 avril 2018

Random makes

Today I have two very different creations to document: the first one is a top I made per my mum's request, she brought some beautiful watermelon print cotton from a trip and wanted me to turn it into a garment asap^^

She chose a raglan sleeve peasant blouse pattern from a French sewing magazine I bought recently:

I cut a size L, shortened the length of the bodice, didn't gather the sleeves at the hem and omitted the little bow at the neckline and here's the final result:

I'm always amazed at how stylish she is, she picked the perfect pattern to go with this fabric :)
Now for something completely different I made myself a makeup pouch out of a scrap of white twill and I embroidered one of my favourite anime characters, Baku from Yokai Watch to decorate it using a page from a colouring book I own (don't judge!):

Even though my embroidery skills are not exactly breathtaking I'm happy that I was able to make this because every time I see this fun little creature my mood improves^^ I didn't take a picture of the inside but it's lined with a scrap of fabric from my Auntie skirt project.