vendredi 27 janvier 2012

I'm a very lucky blogger!

Indeed, I'm delighted to share the news with you that 2012 is going to be the year of my collaboration with the awesome Zoe in a project called Hem-isphere :)
It all started when I saw her Poetry and Clothing challenge in 2011, I too wanted to have some super cool and gorgeous garments made by her -yes I'm opportunistic like that!- so I asked her if she'd like to work on an exchange project with me. You'd think that just because she works in Traderemade, organises almost single-handedly Brighton Craftaganza, has launched the Me-Made challenges, analyses and writes about the sewing industry, consumption and women-related problems and sews amazing things in what is left of her free time she wouldn't be available... Well, she graciously said yes! But having sewn for her friend she advised me against making stuff for each other because of the unavoidable fitting issues so we settled on exchanging notions packages every two month to make our own garment/accessory. We'll also try and use stuff from our stash as mush as possible.
For our first swap we didn't choose a specific topic so here are the very random things I sent her -photo courtesy of Zoe since I forgot to take one:

The pattern is a 60's blouse, loose fitting with kimono sleeves and a peter pan collar or fitted and sleeveless. As they say on the enveloppe you can add a simple dirndl skirt to have a fabulous ensemble! The belt buckle is real vintage, dating back from the 60's too, the sequined anchor appliqué had been in my stash since 2000 and the only thing I bought for this occasion is the beige trim.
And now this is the excellent package I received from her:

OMG I want to make these two patterns! I love that 60's dress with the ties and the gathered shoulders but I'm fond of the 70's mini smock. And that fabric is so soft and cute! Can you imagine the front yoke detail in the bias with contrasting piping? And look at that adorable little badge:

I have already gotten started on a muslin for the pattern I chose and it's looking great so far, I may have managed to snatch myself a little Zoe modjo^^ We should post about our respective projects in February and then we'll have our next swap in March. I'm so excited about this collaboration, I can't even wait for the next round!

vendredi 20 janvier 2012

Burda shorts

Another day, another pair of shorts! I think I love them more than skirts, you can walk, sit, pick up stuff and all without being restricted and fearing your panties will show . I found the pattern in the December issue of Burda mag, they're the leather -eeeewwwww I HATE leather clothes with a passion- high-waisted ones. I got a little carried away and made a size 38 alas after Christmas and my vacation the shorts are a bit tight. I'm glad I put a handpicked zipper on the side or else that thing wouldn't have closed^^. I love the fabric however, it's cotton with some sort of faded/autumn hues Hawaiian print.

Have a nice weekend, see you!

mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Top and skirt

What an exciting title! I actually made these two garments a few weeks ago but I took pics today. Did you know that I got this amazing, all-option camera for Christmas but that it won't stand on its own like the old one and that as a consequence I'm back to using said old, half broken camera^^?

Anyway, let's start with the shirt: it's a 70's Style pattern already used and worn quite often, I had to make a few alterations what with my sway back and the fact that it wouldn't have sleeves, the fabric is sweet gingham and I love those crystal like buttons.

Now for the skirt, I had been wanting a bias skirt forever and I finally summoned all my courage to cut one out of that cute millefiori cotton fabric. I found the pattern in an old Japanese book, it was seriously easy to make and I hemmed the skirt 2 days after letting it hang. Still I had to do my hemming twice^^ but the result looks okay.

See you!