samedi 31 octobre 2015

Happy Halloween!

This year's outfit is not very glamourous but it is the intention that counts, right^^? In honour of my favorite celebration I wore an appliqued t-shirt featuring a cute, silly ghost:

 My left big toe is clearly haunted.

I copied it from a small picture in a Japanese book, the body and tongue are cotton fabric and all the black details are embroidered.
On a positive note I'm wearing these atrocious jeans and shoes because I'm now an almost full time vet assistant! Lucky me gets to clean all sorts of animals' various, hem, productions and it's hard to do that in a skirt. I sound sarcastic but I'm super happy to have this job, as I've already said I'm fond of animals so getting to be with them several hours everyday is wonderful :)

Also as usual I made something for my mum's birthday, even though she chose the fabric a few months ago she had completely forgotten about it so it was a nice surprise for her. I get my love of all things cute from her I guess:

Adorable owls and bow!

Have a great Halloween, I'll spend mine eating chocolate and watching Tales of terror from Tokyo, so fun!