vendredi 25 novembre 2011

The happy accident dress

I guess I must be a fully grown woman now since I have barely worn jeans in a loooong a** time and I live in dresses and other cute and sophisticated stuff. As a matter of fact I do have a dress to show you today, I call it the happy accident because at first I was to make it simply with black and white polka dot cotton but then I made the mistake to cut my facings in some fruity printed fabric remnants and tadaaa, revelation! Never mind I had to buy said fruity fabric again to make the skirt part when this project was supposed to help me bust my stash... Pics:

I bought and added the cherry red buttons in the afternoon because of course I didn't have any that matched in my tiny collection (heavy sarcasm). The bodice of the dress is the Disney Burda sleeveless shirt and the skirt is a dirndl, and I hope you like it as much as I do because there will be several more of this design :) Have a nice weekend, see you!

mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Short shorts

Hi there! Summer has totally come where I live, it's already 30° in the morning! In order to try and survive this heatwave I've sewn a couple of shorts but since I wasn't sold out on the designs I made them out of remnants from other projects. Well, they actually turned out quite nice!
The first pair was made using remaining toile de Jouy I used for a dress for my mum, the pattern comes from the French crafts mag Fait Main and even though I had already sewn it a few months ago this time I changed size and wasn' t sure about the result but they're really nice, look:

There is NO way I'm showing my morning face

That long-sleeved tee was only for photo purpose, you can't wear something that hot at the moment. I want to make a shocking pink loose, light top to go with the shorts, I need to find the correct fabric -and some time!
The second shorts are from Burda mag, still the May 2010 issue (it has so many excellent patterns!) and the fabric was a tiny piece of sateen cotton I had left, I like them too but even though I narrowed most seams they're still a bit big, but I didn't make a waistband as advised so this probably explains it. However they look really good worn with classy platforms or high heels and a simple white top :)

See you!

mercredi 16 novembre 2011

Is it a criiiiiiiime part I'm not even counting anymore

I had to do it, it had been at least one month since I had last made a garment out of childish fabric and I believe I have outdone myself in the loud department with this Disney fabric top:

I managed to set in a very decent handpicked zipper, ignore my armpit of doom however.

It's blue with polka dots, it's cotton, it has several members of the Duck family on it and 3 utterly vintage red buttons straight out of the sixties and I love it! The design comes from the May 2010 Burda mag, I cut a size 38 and had very minor adjustements to make, it's a good pattern with an easy fit and lovely results. Awww look at this cute peplum, I wonder why it took me so long to try this pattern! I just need to tack down the lapels with a few discreet hand stitches and it'll be perfect. And I'm so using the bodice for my big, flower dress project :) See you!