jeudi 9 juin 2011

Me-Made-June Days eight and nine

Hiya! I didn't take pics of my outfit yesterday but I wore this already much blogged Japanese top:

It's design V from the first Stylish Dress Book, made of chambray. And today I wore the umpteenth version of the May 2010 Burda top:

Except that this one was made using a most amazing cotton bought in Japan and hoarded with love and devotion^^ Look how pretty:

See you!

mardi 7 juin 2011

Me-Made-June Day seven

Hello, how are you? I'm happy I have brand new shorts to show you today :) The pattern comes from the French crafts magazine "Fait Main" and it was super pleasant to sew: it has great details such as front pockets, a wide waistband, cute pleats on the front and more importantly it still went together very well despite my butchering the front closure! There were supposed to be exposed buttons on the fly but I hid them instead except for the waistband ones for which I used a couple of cute kitty buttons I bought in Japan last year. Frankly after seeing the horror that was my fly at first it was a nice surprise that the shorts ended perfectly wearable. I'll definitely keep my mistakes in mind for the next pair -I intend to sew more, they're so comfy and pretty! Oh, and for these ones I used green twill stolen from mama's stash:

See you!

lundi 6 juin 2011

Me-Made-June Day six

Hello! Today I wore a mustard top from a Japanese book (surprising, I know^^) and this evening I went out and wore... my wedding dress!!! Lol yes I'm that grown a** woman who wears a white eyelet christening gown to down a few beers at the bar, embarassing! I actually felt comfortable AND more importantly it matched my Calais bag :)

Yes I cut the pic because MY FACE!

The briiiiiiide

The dress was made using a 70's pattern which is quickly turning into one of my favourites, I only lined the high waist piece and the skirt and I added a little modesty panel on the front. That's it for today, see you!

dimanche 5 juin 2011

Me-Made-June Day five

Hello there, how are you? I've just had the best morning buying tons of good books as well as the Burda mag May issue (we're quite remote so we get everything with at least a month delay here) and the French crafts magazine "Fait Main" that happens to have the most adorable pair of pleated shorts I've seen in a looong time^^! As for today's garment, the fabric's so cute it set me in a good mood :) It's the same design as the fruity skirt I wore on the first day:

A better view of the low waist piece

Lovely feedsack repro fabric!!!

Just one thing for this version, I should have cut the waist piece cross grain as I did for the first one because it does make a difference: this skirt tends to go down a bit whereas the other one won't stretch even after I've worn it all day long. Well, lesson learned for the next one! See you!

samedi 4 juin 2011

Me-Made-June Day four

Helloooooooo friends, how are you? I'm feeling mighty better today so I was able to put up a real, fully Me-Made outfit :)

Alright, we have a Japanese top from the first Stylish Dress Book (design C) in flowery cotton lawn, a trusted Burda skirt in black twill and a slightly bigger Buttercup bag in divine Calais embroidery -I'm in complete awe at this fabric, I want to buy dozens of yards and roll myself in it^^!
The midday light isn't the best to take pictures so here are the details:

Have a nice weekend, see you!

vendredi 3 juin 2011

Me-Made-June Day three

Hello, sorry I didn't post yesterday but I've been sick and slept the whole day away :( As for today I can't believe I gave lessons with that face and look of mine, I'm lucky I have sympathetic students^^ See:

It's the Burda top from the May 2010 issue that has turned into one of my all time favourites and for which I still have many variations to show you. But I hope the lousy hair and shorts won't stay! See you tomorrow with a better outfit!