samedi 7 novembre 2015

Second Grainline Alder

I'm in love with this pattern! Here's my latest version in striped cotton from a local shop:

About the fit, I forgot to mention before that I cut the size 18 length because it would have been super short for me otherwise. I made a simple folded hem and finished the armholes with bias tape. Also I made self-covered buttons with a Daiso kit and, to conclude, even Dora likes it:

lundi 2 novembre 2015

First Grainline Alder

After hesitating a good 6 months -I was afraid about the fit, having never worked with a Grainline pattern- I finally gave in and bought the Alder shirtdress PDF and there's no going back! This dress is everything I love, it's cool, girly, comfortable and flattering.
View A looks great but for the moment my favourite version is view B with its cute gathered skirt, I made my first one out of vintage fabric found in a local shop:

The width was only 35" which is a rare find here in Reunion but I had 4 yards so it was plenty enough for the dress. I'd say the print is cute yet groovy :)

So about the fit, I chose size 6 based on the finished measurements and it's perfect, I only did a minor sway back adjustement by remonving a 1/2" curve from the back piece.
I lengthened the skirt portion by 2" too but it was useless and I chopped it off before hemming with some bias tape.
Also I was lazy and didn't do the attached button band on the right, it's simply folded twice as on the left side and since my fabric was too narrow I couldn't cut the back skirt on the fold and had to cut two pieces but with the busy print you can't really tell.
Of course I'm already making another one, I hope I can finish it quickly because with summer kicking in it's the best kind of dress to wear!