jeudi 23 juillet 2015

Tragic looking kitties sweatshirt

The title says it all:


I mean look at those faces:

Lol I can't tell if they're super cute or creepy but I love that print! It's fleece from Spotlight, verrry soft and quite light actually, it was a little pricey but I only needed 1 metre for this project and I really couldn't resist those kitties :)
I used an old Female magazine pattern for this sweatshirt, after having made it with knit fabric I knew I had to do a 1.5 cm forward shoulder seam arrangement and rise the neckline by 1.5 cm too. The sleeves were a bit long but I like them this way so left them.


Since I couldn't find ribbed knit for the hip and wrist bands I kept the same fabric to make them. As usual I sewed the garment with a narrow zigzag stitch and finished the seams with a wider one. I discovered I had a twin needle in my machine's supply box^^ so used it for the neckline, it looks so nice:

How could I ever live without a twin needle??!