samedi 20 juillet 2013

Tropical outfit

I've just finished two garments which I'm very happy with, they're colourful, comfortable and cute!

I made another raglan sweatshirt, this time in coral knit fabric, it's the same Female pattern as the tiger one except I made a size M and it's still a little baggy because the fabric is so thin it stretches a lot. I'll take care of that by slightly reducing the hip band next time, I think it'll work!

Now for the bottom, I adapted a pattern from the Sweet Dress Book to get a pair of very gathered, almost skirt-like shorts. They close at the side with two buttons and a zipper and they're made with some fluo print cotton fabric.

I'm super sensitive to cold weather and it's still winter here but the day was so sunny I was able to wear the shorts without tights and the sweatshirt kept me warm enough :)

lundi 8 juillet 2013

Tiger sweatshirt

Even though I'm usually more of a leopard fan I've been quietly obsessing about tiger prints for months now so when I saw this thin, velvety fake tiger fur at a local shop I was delighted! It was the perfect fabric for another idée fixe of mine, a slightly bulky raglan sweatshirt -go figure^^
I found the pattern in an old Female magazine, it was sized for knits but after measuring the pieces I saw it would be roomy enough for non stretchable fabric so I tried a size L and it worked great! Since I didn't want the hood part I simply finished the neckline with some mustard bias tape from my stash.

I'm so happy with how this project turned out, not only was it quick and easy but the final product looks exactly as I wanted it to! It's also very comfortable and I've worn it a lot :) By the way, to avoid damaging the fake fur I turn the garment inside out and put it in a lingerie bag before washing it in the machine.

samedi 6 juillet 2013

A little romance

I made another lace baby doll top, almost one year after the first one, except this time it's only the border that's embroidered. I must admit the fabric was an impulse purchase because I have so much stash I really shouldn't buy anymore stuff! It was 8€ a meter and 90cm were enough for the top which is plain voile at the back. I saw similar designs in some of the few designers stores around town and the average price is 200-250€ so I feel a little less guilty with my 7.20€ garment^^.

jeudi 4 juillet 2013

Hot basics

I sewed some leggings and a cardigan, hence the "basics" part. The leggings' pattern comes from an old Pochée magazine, I had to slightly grade it up but once this was done it came together in a few minutes! Of course there's only one inner seam for the legs, the waist is simply folded to the inside to encase an elastic and the legs' hem are folded too. I made a cropped version but the original pattern is longer and there's even a variation if you want to ruch the ankles.

Now for the cardigan it's from another old Japanese mag, actually it's a simple rectangle on the fold with two cut-outs to set the sleeves in:

Tracing, cutting, sewing and finishing took me less than one hour so if you want a quick, easy project may I suggest you try this one?
Oh and that leopard knit makes all that extremely hot imo^^