jeudi 14 novembre 2019

A few makes

Guess what ? I've been super busy with work and though I've managed to find a little time to sew I have definitely not had enough to blog about my makes. But today I've got the afternoon off so here are two garments I made a few weeks ago and that I have already worn a lot -like twice a week!
The first one is a very simple skirt with elasticated waist: it's from an old Japanese book of mine and you just trace a trapeze as below to get the pattern for the half front and back pieces + you draw a 15 on 14 cm rectangle for the pockets (seam allowances not included for everything).

And you'll get this beauty:

No you won't unless you have this stunning yukata fabric from Hiroshima ; ) it's one of the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen, deep emerald green bamboos with golden fireflies and crimson red details on an ink black background. And the cotton material is very soft and nice to wear of course!
The other project is a rayon dress, from another old Japanese book but now I more or less master the fit for my round back and forward shoulder problems and the result is really comfortable, as opposed to when the dress would ride up to my throat and choke me while I walked!

The picture is a bit dark, the background colour is actually navy blue and the fabric is from a local shop.