mardi 25 juin 2013

A new top

I discovered the crafts store Spotlight the last time I went to Singapore and even though their fabrics are seriously expensive I had to buy some, they were so cute! Case in point the adorable nautical themed cotton I used for today's top that cost a good 20 dollars A METER and that, of course, I had to waste by using it for a dress that made me look like a deranged aging little girl.

Fortunately I could save the skirt panels and managed to squeeze a top out of them. The patten is my altered R design from the Sweet Dress Book, I paired the printed fabric with plain white cotton for the yoke:

And I added a mock buttoned tab at the back:

Phew, I'm relieved I didn't completely waste it, I may even be able to make a lil' bag out of some remaining scrap!

mercredi 19 juin 2013

Sewing for me

I had been SO neglecting myself, it was high time I sewed a little something for me^^
I still don't have a pic of my cousin's jacket but I have some of one I've just made for me using the same pattern, design F from the third Stylish Dress Book:

I made size 11 and didn't change a thing to the pattern but I must say that with my bigger arms I should have altered the sleeves for a little more ease. Construction is really simple on this one, you attach the front and back, set in the sleeves, attach the facings and finish the hems and that's it! Also there should be breast pockets but I'm not a fan of these so I didn't put them. I used some green blended linen from my stash, it's light but surprisingly warm, perfect for the ongoing winter.

 You can see my extremely kitsch hem lace, I know it is ugly but I really wanted to bust that notion stash :(

I couldn't think of a suited trim for the jacket so I handsewed sequins along the front and neckline and around the sleeves' hem, I love decorating or finishing garments by hand because it takes a little time and care and I find that very relaxing!

I made the striped top underneath a few months ago using my self-drafted baby doll pattern and medium weight cotton from a local shop, I love that fabric and I'm glad that I still have some left because I want to make cropped trousers and a bag from it -I won't be wearing them all at the same time, I swear^^:

mardi 18 juin 2013

Sewing for the family

I've been suffering from atrocious bouts of selflessness lately and as a result I made stuff for my relatives! It was my cousin/bff's birthday a few days ago and I made her a -if I dare say so- GORGEOUS jacket, I'm waiting for her to take a pic of it because of course I never thought about doing that when I had said jacket in my possession^^.
Meanwhile here's a t-shirt I customised for my mama using appliques, I found the shapes in one of my Mrs Stylebook magazines:

I had never tried appliques because I was afraid it would look a bit cheap and badly done but the result's actually quite nice, now I want to put some everywhere! I used two-face fusible interfacing, fabric scraps of course and finished the pieces with a narrow zigzag machine stitch.
I also made her a navy cotton skirt, the fabric has a beautiful embroidered, scalloped edge that gives the simple A-line design a lot of class :) And yes she has stolen what used to be MY Liberty top :

dimanche 2 juin 2013

First ugly duckling of the year

For a reminder on what ugly ducklings are please click here :) Today's garment actually fits twice in the UD category: first I can't believe I was attracted to that highly synthetic fabric in harsh electric blue -I LOVE blue but my palette for this colour's usually navy and pastel- and second its the first dropped waist dress I've ever owned. As is often the case I don't know why I woke up one morning with the strong desire to make such a garment but I followed my fancy and I'm very happy with the result!

I used a Japanese top pattern with bust darts for the dress, I lengthened it, changed the sleeves that I finished with elastic and added three rows of shirring on the hips.

Also here are the last three days of MMM13:
- on 29th I wore my nautical dress from an altered Burda pattern:

- on 30th my chambray V top from the first Stylish Dress book:

- and on 31st my self-drafted fruity cotton skirt:

Lots of thank you to the awesome Zoe for hosting MMM again this year, it was a pleasure to show my me-mades and above all I was amazed at how talented and stylish all the participants were!