jeudi 19 juin 2014

The feel good top

Since I'm still lacking time for ambitious sewing projects these days, I'm sticking to TNT patterns and the quickest, most satisfying one for me is still my loose, kimono-sleeved top so yes, I've made another one! BUT this time it's a tunic length so that's totally new -I admit I had one like this but I gave it away so not only am I generous but that also resulted in an intolerable gap in my wardrobe.
Plus the (Ikea) fabric I chose has a multitude of adorable animals/flowers/fruits scattered on it and I wanted to keep as many as I could, hence the longer length :)

That clothes hanger pic is horrible but I wanted to make it very clear that there's a dark green frog on the front, at the bottom and a light green one on the back, at the top^^ I had bias remnants in my stash that matched the colours of the garment so I finished the necline in black, the sleeves in white and the hem in green. It's so comfortable and cheerful, I spent a great day wearing it -and it almost didn't wrinkle!