vendredi 30 avril 2010

Me-made May

Hello friends, happy Workers' Day! I just wanted to tell you that I've added the items I've selected for this challenge to the Flickr group -user name: Chichil :) I'll try and post regular pictures of the clothes when worn and accessorised here. See you soon!

jeudi 29 avril 2010

Self-drafted top

Obviously I can't restrain myself from sewing FOR ME very long! I'd like to show you a top I started a few weeks ago and that I finished yesterday. People please listen: I drafted it myself! Here's the story: I was browsing on Etsy when I came across a beautiful 50's order mail dress with a fitted bodice, an interesting strap-included back and a full skirt. Said back piece was missing but there was a diagram with the parts so I copied the design and drafted a top that would resemble the original pattern. I didn't have enough fabric to make a dress so I went with a peplum.
As usual with me it doesn't fit perfectly BUT remember that I lost a little weight during the last few weeks -I'm not insisting on this fact at all^^- so the top ended quite comfortable at the waist. That's fine with me, it's not a tent either and I can still increase the front darts if needed.
The fabric is black cotton with beautiful and vivid flowers of all sorts on it and I put an invisible zipper at the side. I know I've outdone myself with the following 3 blurry pictures but at least you can get a general idea of the top.

mercredi 28 avril 2010

Polka dot dress

Hello friends! How's everyone? I don't have much time to write this post so here's my polka dot dress: I used the pattern of my Qipao to make it, of course I removed the Asian details such as the front panel and 2-piece collar and as I didn't have enough fabric I made cap sleeves. The fabric is a really lightweight -probably not a very good choice, it would have looked better with a stiffer fabric- cotton and I call it my clown dress because I added a huge removable bow at the collar :) The pictures are even worse than usual, sorry :( but it's noon here and the sun was shining a lot so I couldn't take them in the garden.

samedi 24 avril 2010


Hello! Once again I've sewed a lot this week but not for me :( Actually it's a good thing because I'm making my first two orders ever: a bridesmaid dress for Sophie and a cocktail dress for my friend Laurence, so far the dresses have been going quite well so I keep my fingers crossed!
I still managed to finish a handbag I had started eons ago and I also sewed a super quick, fun striped tote bag (2 hours max to draft, trace and sew, complete with lining!).

I didn't take a picture of the inside of this one because it's lined with plain white fabric.

Finally I wanted to show you The Dress That Won't Be:

It's my second attempt at a Hollywood pattern which I mentioned a few weeks ago. The first version -in polyester- was a catastrophy so I made careful alterations, chose a lighter fabric and eventully understood that the design is just not flattering on me. Plus when I sewed a side of the skirt the fabric got too stretched and now this part is wrinkled and points towards the front :( I'll put the patten in my Etsy shop if you're interested.

vendredi 16 avril 2010

Vintage Simplicity dress

Hi there! The dress I quickly mentioned yesterday is finished and I'm so happy with the result :) The pattern is this Simplicity dress, as you can see the number is missing and there's no copyright but the design is definitely from the 40's, non?

I made a mix between view 2's neckline and view 1's short puffed sleeves and drafted the skirt myself. Let me explain what happened: I made a muslin and the pattern's skirt just didn't work so I drafted a simple slightly flared skirt with gathers. I didn't put the ruffles either because there's already some gathering at the sleeves and it would have been too much.
Despite making a muslin you'll see that the fit is not perfect but I think I'm slowly getting there^^, I hope the next one will be even better! For example this time the lapped zipper is much cleaner than with the previous McCall yellow dress and I was able to avoid a wonky waist by measuring and making sure both sides of the front and back remained similar.
The inside is simply finished with pinking, this technique worked well with the fabric which is simple dark green cotton.

Detail of the sleeve's dart and the gathers at the shoulder

jeudi 15 avril 2010

McCall vintage blouse take two

Long time no see :) I hope everyone's fine, I've been sewing a lot these days but for others, that's why I didn't have anything to post -and I have more work but I'm definitely not complaining about that. I've finally managed to make a little something for me, it's this McCall blouse; I used a beautiful white eyelet my dear friend Sophie brought me from Mauritius in February -she also brought a slightly different version in the most gorgeous sand colour and now my mum wants a top in it :( why, oh why.
This time I was careful not to make the same mistakes as with the polka dot test (no fusible interfacing, I clipped the curves and lowered the neckline) and I must say I'm quite pleased with the result! To be honest, I've also been dieting like crazy so I guess it helps with actually being able to sew the darts and tucks and to fit in the blouse^^! I'm so glad I was able to shed a few pounds, I hope my 40's dresses will look a bit better on me now. By the way I'm sewing a 1941 dress, I still have details to finish and I hope I can show it to you soon! See you!

I put snaps at the back and sewed fake small self-made bows along the placket.

samedi 3 avril 2010

Giveaway -crazy fabric edition :)

Hello friends! Following the skirt dilemma and all your comments on how you actually liked the fabric I made a little something out of the remaining piece:

This bag is approximatively 11.5"x7.5", it's lined with the infamous blouse's polka dots, the handles are lined with very soft cotton webbing, it closes with scratch and there's a detachable and reversible bow on the front. As you can see you will also receive a simple handmade phone strap^^.

Back of the bag

I'm not using the random generator for this giveaway, if you want this bag just tell me why you should have it!
Edit: I forgot to tell you that you have until Wednesday 12 a.m. to leave your comment! I'll choose the winner on Thursday :)
It's Thursday already! I've decided to give the bag to Veronica Darling for her friend's little girl because I found the idea adorable^^. Thanks to everyone who commented!

vendredi 2 avril 2010

One-of-a-kind or plain weird?

You tell me :D So on Tuesday I fell in love with some red fabric which I thought had a fabulous print: it was cheerful, vivid and reminded me of one of my favourite childhood characters, Mafalda. I knew it was kids' fabric but I liked it so much I broke the stash bustin pledge and bought it a few days later. Indeed it had come to the point where I laid awaken at night thinking how good this fabric would look if it were a dirndl skirt -don't judge^^!
Anyway I sewed the skirt and wanted to wear it today but all of a sudden I got shy and thought maybe it was too much. I'm usually not a self-conscious person and I've probably worn equally strange outfits but I really have a doubt this time. I need your opinion! Is this skirt inappropriate?

Close-up of the print, I know they're singing but they don't look as happy as in my memory...

Edit: Oh my, thank you so much for your comments, your opinions definitely convinced me! I followed your advice and actually wore the skirt in public! No one threw me stones, no kid started crying and no dog chased me so I'd say it was a success^^! I have a little remaining scrap of this fabric and I'm using it for a giveaway, I'll tell you more soon! Thanks again :)

jeudi 1 avril 2010

McCall 1941 dress

Hi there! I'm continuing my vintage sewing experiences, this time with McCall 5430:

Sheer elegance! Well, you'll see that my version is faaaaaar from producing the same effect, I actually call it my country dress^^. First I chose some yellow cotton fabric that had a cute, simple print, not exactly sophisticated:

Then I didn't put the sleeves and let me tell you that this happens once in a blue moon with me. As much as I love my tattoos I don't like my thick arms and I always try to hide the chunky part above the elbow! But with this design -and I'm still not sure why- it seemed that the dress was more pleasant as a sleeveless one. I asked my mama, my best friend and Tatie (my sewing guru) and all 3 agreed so I went with my idea.

The making was not difficult, only I used a regular zipper instead of an invisible one with a more or less OK result. I checked the skirt all along the process because I just KNEW there would be a problem with the half pleats in front and I was right since despite being cautious it's wonky as hell! But I like my dress, when I see it I think of the French word "désuet" which is one of my favourite concepts. Plus I'm positive I'm not going to find someone with the same outfit anywhere^^.