samedi 22 juin 2019

A very ruffled top

I haven't posted in eons because I've been super busy but I finally have a little time off from work to show you the garments I managed to make during the almost 1 year since my last post ! Having grown up in the 1980's I've always loved over the top ruffled garments but I didn't dare wear some because I didn't feel like dealing with people pointing and laughing at me, which is the local way to react to anything out of the ordinary where I live^^ But I've noticed that said big ruffles are now trending even in my godforsaken place so I made myself this pink rayon blouse using a slightly modified Japanese pattern :

It's from the second Stylish dress book, pattern K:

It has a basic round collar and set-in sleeves but the interest comes from the ruffled parts that go all around it. You must double the width of the ruffled part and fold it under for a clean finish so I chose a thin fabric to avoid bulk. The downside is that I have to wear a camisole under the top because it's quite see-through! Of course I shortened the pattern to turn it into a top, I also split the back yoke in two parts -I'm not sure why I made that actually^^- and I slimmed down the width of the sleeves because I didn't want to have to gather them at the wrist.

I wanted to show you the seam between the bodice ruffle and the sleeve ruffle because it's flawless, Japanese patterns rule:

And since I made it in a bigger size than usual I thought I wouldn't have to do my back and shoulders alterations but I was wrong and if I make it again back darts it will be! I also made another Yokai Watch themed cosmetics bag with fabric and floss remnants to replace the Baku one while I wash it:

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