jeudi 19 mars 2020

Sewing update - because I have time!

Hello there, how does it feel living in my dream world ie being paid to stay at home listening to the silence, sewing, reading and playing with pets?! Sorry I know the current virus epidemic is not something funny but the unexpected consequence is that I cannot go to work until further notice and since I'm a civil servant I still get a salary. A few years back I quit my carefree lifestyle to become a state teacher because I felt the need to be financially safe but I must say that I've been utterly depressed and sad ever since and those few free days are a nice reminder of past happier times :)
Anyway let's have a look at projects I've made, worn and hadn't had time to post about, shall we? First this green acrylic fur coat that I brought to my winter trip to Taïwan - it's been five times and I LOVE this country more and more! Also the weather isn't that cold but this year temperatures were around 15 degrees celsius so I was happy I had my little coat. It's a raglan sleeve, boxy shape from a sewing magazine called "Couture actuelle" in French:

Here's my version, the "fur" is really cheap but it looks okay IMO:

Some bonus pics from my trip:

 The Confucius Temple in Taipei

 The local station in Taichung


For this trip I also made this fur sweater, crafted from hairs that I painstakingly harvested from my cat Miwa:

Lol of course I'm joking, the fur is acrylic too but I thought it looked just like her and was obsessed with making myself a garment out of it! This sweater also has raglan sleeves -it's easier to sew for me because it doesn't require any alterations for my rounded back and forward shoulders- and a little standing collar, the pattern is from some old German sewing magazine from my mum's archives and I wore this thing almost everyday, it's super comfortable and warm!
For something a little more recent I've just finished this periwinkle blue top, the fabric is light lawn and the pattern is from the February 2015 Burdastyle magazine:

I had to make a lot of alterations for the yoke to fit and ended making the front and back yokes in one piece instead of three -the pattern has two side pieces and one middle one for them- and I'm quite happy with the result, it doesn't creep up and back when I move around which is my main goal when I sew something with a top part. It looks a bit kitsch, I call it my Gospel top but it's really nice worn, it has a very 60's feel and I'll probably make a few more with some beautiful rayon fabrics I've been hoarding.

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  1. Love the faux fur coats. I have a piece of faux fur on my sewing table at the moment and there is always a cat on it. Your cat would disappear if she laid on your 2nd coat. I knew exactly what you meant by Gospel top. It is very similar to the robes worn by some choirs. Enjoy your time off , as much as you can, with all that is happening. Unfortunately I can work from home.