dimanche 23 août 2020

Some rat-ified makes

I know, what a lame clever pun ;) I suppose that I've been obsessed with mouse themed fabric because we're in the year of the rat and I love making astrology-related stuff, especially when it's a friendly sign -I'm a monkey and my astro buddies are the dragon and the rat!

It started in January when I found this very cute fabric in Taichun:

It has china mice and golden details on a red background -the colour is darker and nicer in reality- but the gold paint has chipped off, probably because of machine washing and ironing: you can sort of see the "ghost" of the little flowers that covered the background. Fortunately the golden dots have held out better! Anyway here's a picture of the top I've made with it:

It's a pattern I've used many times but since I hadn't sewed with it for a long time I made a little mistake and had to add a patch of fabric along the shoulder seam, at the front :( A close-up of the front pleats and stand collar, the patched up area is not too obvious, phew:

For the second make, let me tell you that you're about to witness a thing of pure beauty, so try not to shout with delight if you're looking at this in public:

Yes, it is one third of Dora's body! And next to it a top made with awesome Jerry printed fabric I found at a local shop. It's my favourite top pattern, I've made it in dozens of different fabrics but this one is the cutest! I mean look at that little guy:

Aww I love this top! I used a yellow button for the back slit to match the cheese:


And finally I made an embroidered mouse brooch so that I could bring that rat vibe to other garments:

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