lundi 28 mars 2011

Me-Made-March Day twenty-eight

Hello! Today I wore something very unusual for me -heavy sarcasm:

Look, it's a bowtie mustard blouse^^! I used a BWOF pattern from not too long ago (I remember making the top in November 2010) and just narrowed and shortened the tie. It was my first time cutting that super slippery crepe fabric, I was very nervous and I must say I am thrilled with the result! I wonder if I could use the same fabric in a ruby red colour for my 70's dress or would it be too thin? Unfortunately as I live in a hot country lining is my sworn enemy and I think it would probably be necessary with this crepe. Back to the blouse, I LOVE the gathered details on the front:

When I first made it I thought I wouldn't wear it a lot but it's grown on me and I actually consider sewing another one one of these days :) What is more it doesn't require that much fabric so I could maybe squeeze it in one of my numerous remnants.
I wore the blouse with a bag I sewn this weekend, I slightly altered my usual Buttercup bag pattern and used black corduroy. Now that is easy to catch on camera:

Lol I tried a close up but it's not much better:

Yes that's a bow you can make out on the bag

The inside lining is colourful silk and the shoulder strap is an old 80's necklace from my mum. That's it for today, see you friends!

5 commentaires:

  1. I love bowtie blouses and the gathering at the neckline is a nice detail. It's a great colour as well. That's such a good idea using an old necklace as a shoulder strap.

  2. Cute top, the gathers on the front looks great. Also, I want that purse, especially with that bow!

  3. I love both blouse and bag. and they probably look good together.

  4. J'adore le blouson! Is that the right word? I don't remember. Anyways, the color and tie neck are so Mad Men!

  5. Thank you! Lisette you can just say "blouse" in French too, still merci beaucoup pour le compliment :) And Camelia the best about that necklace strap is that it stays cool despite the heat^^